How the Election is Conducted 

Before the opening of the Polls, Each ballot box will be delivered by the sergeant-at-arms or designated Election committee member to each at the community voting place.

The ballot box will not be removed from the community voting place until it is ready to be returned, to the board.

After the Canvas at the community level is completed, the locked ballot box will be returned to the board the same evening by the sergeant-at-arms or designated Election committee member.


The ballots are wrapped and sealed in envelopes and marked and placed back in to the ballot box. They are relocked and a the slot on top will be covered by a paper seal which will be signed by the judged.

For Digital Scanning Voting Machines, Sergeant-at-arms or designated community judges will pick up the optical scan ballot equipment and deliver them to the designated community polling places. All community officers will receive training on the use of the optical scan voting machines.

When the polls close the optical scan will give the official count of the ballots. The Sergeant -at-arms will immediately deliver the optical scan voting equipment.

Counting Ballots, upon closing of the polls, the committee will immediately canvass the votes, in the presence of the public, and continue without adjournment until completed, the results publicly declared and the count certified by the judges' signatures.

Tally Sheet, Upon completion  of the count, a tally sheet showing the votes cast for each candidate will be certified and signed by the committee. 

Board Canvass, upon receipt of a ballot box from the committee, the board will canvass the election results at the council meeting room at Rosebud by opening the ballot box in public, reviewing the tally sheet for accuracy, posting voting results, locking and securing the ballot box.

Certification of Election, voting results will be made known to tribal members be the board in a public notice dated the first Monday following an election, and such notice will include a deadline of 1P.M. on Friday of the same week, for any qualified voter to challenge the voting results for any candidate.


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